My name is Edna Carroll: I am the owner of Edna’s Travel and I am an outside agent for TravelOnly.

Combining the two passions in my life, travel and quilting I specialize in designing and escorting quilt tours. Being a quilter for number of years I design the tours around what I think the quilter would like to do and have an opportunity to learn.

Every route, quilt shop, restaurants and hotels are checked out by me personally to assure there are no surprises. All my tours have some form of entertainment built into them to add more value and give you the feeling of a great vacation. The tours are escorted by Edna except where I would have two coaches go at the same time.

I use the same coach line for all my tours in North America, to give the passengers quality service. The coach has 56 seats but I will only sell 45-50 per tour for the comfort of my passengers.

When touring in Europe, I have no control over the size or type of coach that is issued to the group. I have not personally checked out every venue on the European tours.

All the tours have a pickup in Mississauga, at the Best Western Plus,  a Toronto International Airport Hotel for flight connections.

My Goal is to “make your trip a vacation of a lifetime”