Terms and Conditions
Reservations: To reserve space on this tour, contact Edna Carroll, Edna’s Travel.
Deposits & Payments: A deposit is due at the time of booking this tour. Both deposit and final payment are non-refundable, in the event of the passenger cancelling their reservation.
The tour must have 24 people, for a guaranteed departure. If the number of 24 passengers has not been met, the tour can be cancelled by Edna Carroll with a full refund.
Good & Services Tax: The Canadian Government’s G.S.T. and/or H.S.T. may apply to the cost of your tour. Your travel agent will advise of the additional G.S.T. and/or H.S.T. charges, if any, apply to the cost of your tour. Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel reserves the right to pass any Government changes to the tax structure on to the consumer.
Price Guarantee: Once the deposit is paid, the tour cost is guaranteed. Prices are however subject to change to cover any unexpected costs over which Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel has no control, such as fuel surcharges, government taxes and country visas. In the event of a surcharge tour members and /or travel agents will be advised of any surcharge on their tour.
Insurance: Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel strongly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, and Comprehensive Assistance, Health Coverage, Individual Accident Coverage, and Baggage and Personal Effects Insurance. Details are available from your travel agent.
Proof of Citizenship: Canadian citizens are asked to carry a passport for tours to the United States. For international travel a valid passport is required. Citizens of other countries or landed immigrants should check with their travel agent for requirements for travel outside Canada. Passengers must have valid passports for travel abroad and visas for some countries. Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel does not accept responsibility for passengers who do not meet correct visa and passport requirements.
Currency: All prices in flyers are shown in Canadian Dollars.
Accommodation: All hotels listed in itineraries have been confirmed at the time of printing, but are subject to change. On most tours, Double refers to two persons sharing one room with two beds: however, in some areas, only one double bed may be available, so please specify at time of booking if you wish two separate beds. Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel has the right to change hotels that are listed to comparable hotels due to reasons beyond our control.
Items not included: Airfare, Items of personal nature such as laundry, telephone charges and meals other than noted in tour.
Responsibility: Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel acts solely as organizer of the tours outlined in this brochure and is responsible for making all reservations and charting the itinerary as outlined but it is expressly understood and agreed between the tour organizer and the passengers the Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel is not to be held responsible for:
a) Non-performance on the part of any hotel or other accommodation for any act or omission that cannot be directly attributed to the neglect of the tour organizer:
Any delays, missed connections, loss, damage or injury to persons or property or for mechanical defects or failure, however caused or for any substation of hotels or carrier equipment beyond the control of the tour operator, or for any additional expenses occasioned thereby:
c) Any inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration whether physical or mental however caused, except where caused by the tour operator:
d) Any additional costs incurred or any ancillary loss sustained as a result of cancellations or delays of tours caused by inclement weather conditions, acts of God, or any other event, which result in one or more persons being unable to continue or complete the tour no direct fault of the tour organizer. The tour organizer reserve the right to make any changes before or during the tour for the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers and it is agreed and understood that any increase in costs occasioned by such change shall be paid by the passengers or any decrease in costs occasioned by the change shall be refunded to the passenger.
Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel shall have no responsibilities beyond their refund of all monies paid by the passenger which is deemed to constitute full settlement. The tour organizer reserves the right to decline any person as a member of the tour at any time before or during the tour should such person’s presence be considered detrimental to the interest, comfort and enjoyment of the other tour members. Persons leaving the tour during operation will not receive a refund of unused services.
Edna Carroll reserves the right to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in Edna Carroll’s judgement, conditions warrant, or if Edna Carroll deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the tour. Edna Carroll reserves the right to withdraw any tour announced, due to the health, safety and general welfare of the tour.
In the event of a cancellation of a tour due to reasons beyond Edna Carroll’s control, a cash refund/ Travel Voucher or a combination of both will be given. A full cash refund is not always an option as non-refundable payments have been made to suppliers on the tour, so travel vouchers will be used.
There will be no marijuana drugs of any kind allowed on the coach or tour as this is not legal in all countries. Anyone with this substance or any illegal drugs will be dropped off at the location where it is found.
Edna Carroll/Edna’s Travel and all passengers agree that conditions set out herein are part of the terms between the passenger and the tour organizer. Acceptance of the ticket for the tour or any deposit given to the tour organized represents acceptance by the passenger of all the aforementioned conditions.